Turkey Coma Aftermath

Gotcha!  No turkey coma for me this year.  Spent Thanksgiving doing what I have done every single day since April of this year.  Yup … sat in this room.  But, sitting in this room is feeling more and more comfortable as of late.  Not because I’m getting used to being in here or because I’m starting to like it in here.  Although, this mattress I’m sitting on would beg to differ as I’ve totally wore an indention in this one area.  To be expected when you sit in one place for 7 months.  Holy Beezzee-lou-eezzeee.  Wow!  That’s a long freakin’ time to be in one place!  I digress….

About physical therapy – I’m not at all sure it’s helping but rather making things worse. Am in quite a bit of real pain not just sore. Have stopped the at home exercises these last few days.  Maybe I’m not doing the right thing by doing that.  However, I understand there will be soreness.  But, actual pain?  Not being a wimp either.  I can barely walk again.  Not to mention my knees are swelling while sitting and throbbing as if I’ve got them sitting on woofers with Ace of Bass playing.  No joke!  The pain is traveling up into my right hip and my lower back is killing me again.  I’ve taken all the precautions they gave me while at therapy when I am at home.  I don’t understand … all of this was to help me get around better.  Instead, it’s as if I’ve taken giant steps backwards.  Discouraging to say the least!

The Home Health Aide has started and thank the heavens this hermit gets along with her.  I was quite concerned.  The Paper Pusher that came for the initial signing of the paperwork and getting info for scheduling was certainly no delight for the short while she was here.  I thought, if the rest were like her, I didn’t want them in my home … help or not.  Sis had to talk be back from that ledge and tell me to give the Aide a chance.  Am still having quite the go around with the office and scheduling.  I had said I only wanted the Aide here two days a week for three hours at a time.  The first week, that’s how the schedule ran.  The second week, there’s a knock at the door first thing Monday afternoon.  Eldest answered the door and came up to let me know the “House Lady” was here.  She peeked into the bedroom and asked if I’d been notified she would be here today and I said, “Not at all”.  She said she’d only gotten 45 minutes notice herself.  It was only during conversation that I found out that she was scheduled to be here for 6 hours.  6 hours!!  What in the world am I going to have her doing for 6 hours?  She cleaned my room and the bathroom and did several loads of laundry.  She was done after that and was to be back Wed and Thur. for 6 hours each day then as well.  Needless to say, I called a different Paper Pusher and resolved ( I hope ) the scheduling issue.  Next week should be back to two days a week at 3 hours each day. 

Still dealing with wicked headaches and evil dizzy spells.  This month, I was only allotted 4 Imitrex for some reason. Had some gnarly headaches I just dealt with because I was too afraid to be without an Imitrex in case it got worse than what I was dealing with.  Finally, I had to give in and just take the last one a few days ago.  Couldn’t take my head pounding and my right eye feeling as if it were going to pop out.  And, I was right.  No more Imitrex and dealing with a nasty headache.  Whatever!  Ready to get back to the Doc in Dec.

Now … to lay back and listen to the coyotes howl in the field behind the place.

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