When just moving hurts…

I’ve not wrote about fibro in quite awhile.  But wouldn’t you know … On the first day, of the 9th month, I have the first fibro flare since arriving here in Florida.  Let me tell you, it’s one whopping flare at that.  This one’s not playing … AT ALL.  Have a sneaking suspension it’s due to the cholesterol medicine, Lipitor, I was prescribed the other day.  Feels as if I have the worse case of the flu I’ve ever had. My muscles ache all over.  Literally hurts to move, and can’t get in to see the doc until the 11th.  This isn’t going to be fun.

Went for labs again yesterday.  Should have those back in 5 to 7 days.  My glucose was 133 upon waking up.  Roughly a half an hour later it was 165.  So mornings are when I peek.  Doc ran a whole slew of other labs one more again.  This time checking liver enzymes as well as A1C once more, as the lab didn’t test that one the last time as ordered.  That was the major one she was looking for so she was not a happy camper.  She’s fairly certain it’s diabetes, but needs the labs to back her play before she can diagnose it.  Tried to have my Vitamin D test out here and you need an actual diagnosis code for that one.  Otherwise, it costs roughly $250 for that test alone.

Insomnia Update:

Third night of sleeping all the way though.  Finally getting rest but, feeling like a big o’ pile of doo doo is for the birds. The lack of sleep for such an extended period of time has left me in deprivation mode for far too long, and there seems to be no real catching up in sight.  Do you ever catch up on sleep?  Especially when you’ve gone a year and a half on 2 to 4 hours max sleep in a 24 hour period?  Doesn’t seem possible.

Weight Loss:

The doc asked that I only consume 1000 calories a day, which is a bit extreme in my opinion.  I understand she is trying to jump start the loss process for me but, is that really the healthy thing to do? Researching as I have, women of my age and size should have a calorie deficit of no less than 1200 a day. So, it’s time to document everything I consume in a days time.  More records for me to follow.  Think it’s printable time again … hehe.

All in all, the life changes are coming along quite well.  By months end all of this should just be old hat.  I am hoping, at the very least.

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