Early 2015, I had lost my pit Nero. Although very hard to come to terms with losing him, it was a blessing in disguise, as I look back now.  That’s how hind sight is 20/20.  With being as ill as I have been this year, there would have been no way I could have kept up with Nero.  He was of course high energy and extremely strong even for me on the best of days.  I will never deny that I am a cat lover.  But there is just something so different about the love of a dog.  And I was missing the love and companionship from a dog after Nero was gone.  Many had told me I would be better off without another dog.  Because of  having chronic illnesses, they thought it not wise of me to try and keep up with a dog and my cats too.  But, when have I ever been one to take advice?

Have always wanted a Yorkshire Terrier.  Thought they were just the cutest little dogs, if I were going to go the little dog route. Which I knew that was the only way I was going to be able to have another dog. I had put an ad out locally searching for one.  And in the meantime, I did some searching of my own.  I had a few get in touch with me.  They were either way above my price range, lived too far out of my driving range or just simply were not what I was looking for looks wise. 

I had all but given up on the idea of getting a Yorkie.  Too many people either giving me the run around or just not being honest in their ads.  I had woke up one morning and decided to just take the ad down.  Something told me to check my email first.  When I did there was a message in regards to the ad I had posted asking if I was still searching for a Yorkie, if so to get in touch with them and there was a number to send a text.  I thought about it for just a bit then sent the message.  When they returned the text, it was long and there were two pictures attached.  I instantly fell in love! Who wouldn’t?  Look at the little guy!  He was exactly what I had imagined I wanted and then some.  So, came the hard part .. asking how much they wanted for him.  And when she came back and said she didn’t want anything for him I was stunned!  She said all she wanted was for him to be taken care of.  I said I could do that.  We made plans for me to pick him up in a few days.

 When the day came, I had asked a friend of mine to go with me who has a Yorkie herself.  We drove an hour South to meet then Bandit and his then owner.  We met in the PetSmart parking lot.  She pulled up with little Bandit, gave him to me, said he had a bath and was ready to go and she never looked back and he acted like he wasn’t at all afraid to be with two strange women.  We put him in the truck with us and gave him a good once over and that’s when we saw just what condition he was really in.  Poor little guy was so flea ridden that his little belly was black with flea excrement and his nails looked as if they had never been clipped.  I wanted to cry!  

I had him for a couple of days calling him Bandit but it just didn’t seem to fit him.  And I wondered if with him being two would he take to a new name.  I started to try a few names with him.  Finally, I said “Jax”.  His little ears perked up, his tail started to wag and the more I said the name the more excited he got.  So, he actually chose his name himself and he’s been Jax since.  

August this year, Jax became the Mighty Jax as he became a registered therapy dog.  He has been my constant companion through some dark days of the soul this last half of the year.  I suspect him to be there for many many more dark days as a whole lot of sunny days as well.  Him and I are a team.  And I don’t know what I would do without him and my Loveys(cats).            


The Mighty Jax