The blue eyed,
raven haired she devil you see here.

Yes, that would be me.  I'm Cecilia, in case
you'd not deducted that by now. 🙂


I am the Mother of two grown sons, Chase and Lucas.  They are my Sun and Moon.  When I feel I have lost my way they together are my true North. With their significant others, my life is complete. Also have a very special Bonus Daughter, Kaitlin and her little guy Tucker as a Bonus Grandson. With all of them together, I am truly blessed!

Am also Mommy to this furry little guy above.  His name is Jaxson or Jax.  He is my fierce little guard dog!  He may only be 5 lbs, but in his mind he's 10 feet tall and bullet proof.



I am a daydreamer and a night thinker. A real doer. I see opportunity in every problem that faces me. My curious mind is stretched by all the experiences life throws my way and what I make out of them. Am a bit of sunshine mixed with a bit rain to create a beautiful rainbow.

If any could make broken look beautiful, it's me. My strength is what keeps me going day to day. Have a hurricane of crazy chaos around me, but I am hella passionate about everything I'm into, so that evens things out a bit, and makes me worth it. I belong to myself before I will ever belong to any man again.

I am quirky, picky, funny and hot tempered when finally pushed to that point. Don't much care what others think of my actions & words as long as I'm following my heart and doing what makes me happy. I don't mind swimming against the tide and living life to the rhythm of my own drum.